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10 Reasons Why You Should Elope

Bride and Groom elope at Alex Box stadium of LSU baseball

I’m just going to say it: you should elope.

But why should you elope? Chances are, most of the married people you know had a traditional wedding. They married at a big venue, with a big guest count, and an even bigger amount of stress. Maybe all of that chaos doesn’t really sound like you. And that’s ok! In fact, it’s awesome!

Deciding to have a super small wedding abroad or in another city isn’t an easy decision. Planning something that’s far away isn’t exactly simple & the pressure from society to throw a big to-do with everyone you know is real. Combine those two and you’ll find that it’s super easy to get sucked into the traditional wedding machine.

We believe that HOW you get married matters. You deserve to start your life together with a wedding that truly reflects who you are together! So if you don’t want a big wedding, then don’t have one!

Here are 10 reasons why you should elope or have a small wedding:

1. It brings the focus back to what’s important. Which is your commitment to each other. 

2. You get freedom from outside expectations of how your day should be and don’t have to worry about pleasing your guests or catering to what they want to do/hear/see.

3. You don’t have to be the center of attention or feel pressure to perform in front of 100+ people.

4. Instead of worrying about the cake that’s melting, drunk family members, the band that hasn’t arrived, the timeline that is now totally f*cked, and the flower girl who is screaming crying & refusing to walk down the aisle… you can actually focus on your partner and having fun together.

5. You can travel somewhere epic, have an adventurous elopement and a once in a lifetime experience for less than half of the cost of a traditional wedding.

6. Eloping means you get to spend your day together without having to put on a show or performance for friends and relatives.

7. You get to spend your money on you. The average cost per person is over $250 at a traditional wedding. And that doesn’t include an open bar.

8. You should elope. Why? Six words: Less drama. Less stress. More love. ‘Nuff said.

9. You get to do things your way!

10. You can already be at your honeymoon destination.


* You’ll have photographs that are 100% about your story, because who wants a zillion photos of people you probably don’t even know?

** Once you tell people you’re eloping, they mostly forget about your wedding day. That means you don’t have to deal with unwanted opinions you didn’t ask for in the first place! Score.

You might think all of that sounds phenomenal however maybe you’re wondering how you’d ever pull off an amazing wedding experience abroad. We still think you should elope 😉

Let me help you craft an amazing wedding day. I’ll help nail down a location based on research, weather, your date, distance, how remote it is, and many other parameters. I’ll also extensively research all of the awesome things to do and places to see in your destination, plan the logistics of your wedding day, create a tailored timeline that brings your vision to life, connect you to other vendors, and anything else you may need to help you create the most amazing day ever.

Contact me here to start planning your dream elopement!

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