brei olivier

Photos by Bud Johnson

(so i totally get why you want a small wedding)

Why I'm so passionate about small weddings & elopements

Did you know that about 25% of couples don't remember saying their vows? 

Can you imagine not remembering one of the most meaningful moments in your life so far? Big wedding chaos with rushed timelines and constant interruptions take away your ability to be in the moment.

How you get married matters.

Small weddings are the best way to get married because they allow you to create a wedding experience that:

1 - You will remember
2 - Gives you the freedom to do exactly what you want

Starting your life together with an amazing day YOU love is the BEST way to get married! 

I believe the best photos are of real emotions & real moments.
they are not staged. they are not phony. they evoke feeling & capture a sense of time.

each couple has a unique story.
yours should not be reduced to a cliche.

honest storytelling

how i approach photographing your wedding day

the majority of life is not made of "the big moments."
the majority of life is made of the moments between the big moments.

the moments between the moments are some of my favorites to capture because it is in these moments that life comes alive. these moments tell the untold stories of your relationships with loved ones, with yourself, and with each other.

the moments between moments

how i approach photographing your wedding day

I will always treat your guests with dignity and politeness. i love chatting with guests, listening to their stories about you, and capturing your relationships on film.

professionalism & politeness

where life comes alive

We got married on a Thursday, in the rain.
I didn't wear a white dress.
We invited only 13 people.

Some people did not approve. Many interjected their opinions of what they thought we should do.

But in my 5 years of photographing big weddings, I've seen firsthand how many couples leave their wedding feeling stressed out & steamrolled by their day instead of having a celebration they felt truly reflected their relationship.

& I didn't want that. I wanted to create an experience for us  - not for our guests or our family. For US.

Deciding to go against the grain, say NO to everything we didn't want, & do our own thing was hands down the best choice we could've made for our wedding. It gave us a unique experience that honored the most meaningful parts of our relationship.

You deserve that experience too.

our story + why i specialize in small weddings

Planning your elopement or small wedding in a city you don't live in (and maybe have never been to) can feel like you just got thrown into the deep end. You probably have questions like...

- Where should we stay & get ready?
- Where should we have our ceremony?
- Do we need any permits?
- Which other vendors should I look at?
- What time will the lighting be the best?

- How do we have a second line?
- How can we make our day unique to us?

I can help you with all of these things and more! I love helping my couples find the perfect pros to work with so they can have a wedding day that brings their vision to life. 

Planning assistance is included with every elopement or intimate wedding package. If you want, I'll even put together a complete, full day plan for you from start to finish, vendors included and everything.

Why would I, a photographer, give so much planning assistance to couples?
Well, first - I care about your experience! It's your wedding day and if I'm involved, I am happy to help you make it f r e a k i n g awesome. And secondly, amazing wedding day photos come from you being able to relax, let go, and truly have fun. 

how i can help you create a great wedding experience

That sounds great, i'd like to inquire