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why i believe intimate weddings are the absolute best and how i help create unforgettable new orleans wedding experiences for couples from all around the world

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Why am i so passionate about photographing small weddings and elopements?

i believe too many people are pressured by the big wedding industry to have a wedding day that doesn't truly ring true to who they are.

i love how small weddings and elopements get back to the true reason of a wedding: two people committing their lives to each other.

i believe we have more fun and get better photos when we're able to fully express our personalities without judgement and have a wedding day that connects to who we genuinely are.


Our wedding!

photo: Bud Johnson

MY PROCESS STARTS WITH YOUR IDEAS AND weaves them into the creation of A DAY THAT'S MORE MEANINGFUL & fun THAN YOU EVER could've imagined.

Your elopement could be so much more than a cookie cutter experience. There is nothing I love more than helping couples craft + plan a wedding day experience that's exactly what you dreamed of and SO MUCH MORE.

We will start by envisioning your perfect elopement day. You know how when you were a kid people would ask, "If you could do anything you ever wanted in one single day, what would it be?" Well, that's kind of how this goes! We will talk about how you see yourself getting married and set some intentions that honor what it is you care most about for your day. Next I'll take all of those details and brainstorm everything relevant to your wedding, then put them all together to create a seamless, fun, and genuine-to-you day you never realized was even possible.

I will help you research every bit of information out there that's relevant to your elopement destination, plan the logistics, let you know all of the ways I think you could heighten your experience even further, and show you exactly when & how you'll work it all in so you get a super epic wedding day adventure. Then we'll do it and I'll be there to capture every unforgettable moment.

Maybe you dream of a romantic & whimsical ceremony under the Tree of Life, or getting on an airboat at sunset and finding an amazing location amongst the beautiful cypress trees of the Louisiana swamps. You might be more of a SCUBA trip in The Keys kind of couple (we're certified) or a perhaps a small, intimate ceremony in the heart of the French Quarter is more your speed. However it is you envision your day, I will guide you in making the most of it by being your adventure buddy, consultant, confidant, and friend during the entire process.

xx Brei

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