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why we believe intimate weddings are the absolute best and how we help create the ultimate new orleans wedding experience for couples from all around the world

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Why are we so passionate about photographing small weddings and elopements?

WE BELIEVE EVERYONE SHOULD be able to HAVE AN EXPERIENCE THAT IS MEANINGFUL TO THEM. we loveD how our small elopement gave us all the freedom to create our own adventure - something completely intimate & unique to our love. 

we love that small weddings and elopements strip away the performance of a big production and reveal the true reason of a wedding: two people committing their lives to each other.

we believe you have more fun and get better photos when you're able to fully express your personalities and have a wedding day that connects to who you truly are.

Photography is about remembering

memories fade. too bad we can't bottle them up forever.
*enter photography* 

we believe photography is about more than just the pretty. your wedding photographs are about your relationship and all the reasons you chose to make this promise in the first place.

 photographs are forever and they're what's going to bring you back to the unforgettable feelings you felt as you looked into each other's eyes and married your best friend.

We capture your day with this in mind so that you can have comfort in knowing your most special memories are forever.

let's make your wedding day the best day ever.

Yes! that sounds like what we want

if you're looking to get married in a way that doesn't follow any rules & is as unique as your relationship, i'm the photographer that can help you do exactly that (and i'll create amazing photos too!)