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intimate · meaningful · authentic

so many people live their lives according to other peoples' expectations. 

& I think that's bullshit.

opting-out of the stress and expectations that come with a traditional wedding

picture this...

saying your vows in an intimate setting with a private ceremony free from the pressure of performing

having wedding experience that is whimsical, fun, & genuinely reflects your relationship

more about brei

hey! my name is brei

Let me introduce you to a couple who's been pressured into throwing a big event and is having the worst time on their wedding day...

They're stressed, hangry, & tired of the chaos.
As a couple they feel more disconnected than ever.
They literally can't wait for the wedding to be over. 

Is that how you want to feel on one of the most pivotal days of your life?

If the answer to that is NO, then you are in the right place!

and im here to save you from having a  wedding day you'll hate.

i'm an experience seeking elopement and wedding photographer who believes that you should have a wedding that's actually about you.

Near or far, anything you can dream up for your wedding day is possible. from brainstorming your vision to planning it all out, I will guide you through the entire process of creating your dream elopement so you can have a wedding day you'll absolutely love.

"With Brei you won’t only have wonderful photos, but memories with your significant other that last just as long."

"You can't put a value on the experience of having Brei being a part of your wedding."

"You won't believe how good brei is! Our pictures jump off the page. I look at them every single day."

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