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So you decided to ditch the whole giant wedding thing & do something that's more you.

Now you're searching for a photographer who's professional, upfront, creative, and easy to work with.

Boom. You're in the right place.

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My goal is to create a space that allows you to (almost) forget my camera even exists

Why? Because I want to be a truth-telling photographer and I believe that when you feel comfortable enough to forget my camera is there, that's when the true you comes out.

My favorite moments are the unplanned "in between" moments... aka the moments that you probably didn't even realize were happening. Why? Because the way you laugh together is different than the way another couple laughs together. The way you hold each other is different than how other couples hold each other. I believe those differences are what tells the story of you, and that's what I love capturing most. 

My ideal clients value what I offer and believe in the importance of photos. As they say... "The flowers die, the food gets eaten, but the photos last forever."

I'm all about honesty & authenticity and I'm here to make sure your photography needs are met and that the whole process is easy and relaxed. I also know that even the smallest of weddings still come with many decisions to make and I get that navigating all of it can leave you with a million things on your mind. Customer service is important to me, and you can rest assured that I'll be here to offer guidance for every question you have throughout the planning process. I love making beautiful photographs for you, but it's also important to me that you have a wedding day that you truly love. 

And when your wedding day finally comes, I'll be there next to you with a big smile and a camera on each hip - absolutely ready to capture every big moment and all of the magical moments in-between. All you have to do is have fun!

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If a single picture is worth a
thousand words...

...the moments on your wedding day are worth millions.

(seriously. i did the math)

Your wedding day
is not a photoshoot

All these photos with smiles, laughter, and tears... think that's all fake? No way.

My approach to creating photos on your wedding day centers around fostering authentic, genuine moments.

I can help you feel comfortable and guide you in front of the camera so you always look your best, but I will never put you in rigid & awkward poses that don't feel like you at all.

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