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Questions To Ask Your (Potential) Wedding Photographer

So you just got engaged (congrats!) and now you’re on the search for a photographer for your wedding or elopement.

But where do you start? This is probably the first time you’ve been through the process of hiring a photographer & it’s completely understandable that you’re not sure what exactly to look for… So here are a few things you can consider asking during your consultations, straight from a professional photographer.

By the way, I would do this on the phone during your consultation! Chatting on the phone will help you get to know the photographer’s personality better, and give you more opportunity for follow-up questions!

Questions You Should Ask Your (Potential) Wedding Photographer

  1. Will you be the photographer photographing my wedding day?
  2. What type of weddings do you specialize in?
  3. Does your camera shoot with two memory cards simultaneously?
  4. What is your backup system like?
  5. Consider their email response time.
  6. Can you tell me about your shooting style and how you approach weddings?
  7. Can I see a full gallery?

Let’s go into each of these topics.

You ask: “Will you be the photographer photographing my wedding?”

You can ask further questions on this topic, such as:

Couple stands in front of Marigny Opera House on their wedding day. Photo taken by New Orleans photographer Brei Olivier.

You ask: What type of weddings do you specialize in?

Your wedding day is highly personal and probably very meaningful to you, but not all weddings are the same! That being said, it’s critically important to have a photographer that understands your needs, wants, and values. Definitely aim to choose a photographer who and specializes in photographing the type of wedding you’re dreaming of.

Example: If you’re looking to have an intimate elopement with just the two of you, you may not want to hire someone who mostly photographs big, traditional-style weddings!

You ask: “Does your camera shoot and save to two memory card slots simultaneously? And can you tell me about your backup process?”

The reason: It is in your best interest to hire a photographer whose camera has two memory card slots that simultaneously recording photos to two separate memory cards as they are taken. Why? Because memory cards fail more often than you’d probably imagine. If your photographer’s camera only has one memory card slot and that card fails… there go all of your photos. They also need to carry at least one backup camera and an extra lens to your wedding. A good rule is two memory cards (per camera), two cameras, two lenses. At minimum.

It’s also important to ask about your potential photographer’s backup process? All photographers work differently, but here is what I do for my backup process, so you can get an idea of what you should be expecting:

As soon as I get home from your wedding or elopement, I immediately start uploading your photos to not one, but TWO hard drives. Again… technology fails! It’s critical that your photographer have at least two copies of all of your photos on two different hard drives. Additionally, because I am super paranoid, I upload your photos to a cloud as a THIRD backup. PLUS I NEVER delete the photos off of the memory card until I’ve delivered the gallery to you.

So if you count it all up, I have a grand total of 4 copies of your photos at all times!

This isn’t something you need to ask directly, but something you need to consider:

The photographer should be timely in responding to your emails. This is not an excuse for you to be crazy + demanding, and please don’t bombard them with an email every 10 minutes, but you shouldn’t have to hunt your photog down to get a response out of them.

You ask: “Can you tell me about your shooting style and how you approach photographing weddings?”

The reason: It’s important to make sure your personalities, style, and expectations are compatible. If you’re a free-spirited, offbeat, eclectic couple who prefers candid & spirited imagery… but a photographer you’re considering is ultra-traditional with lots of posing and direction… you should reconsider and search for someone more your style.

It’s completely acceptable to ask to see a full gallery for a wedding, engagement, elopement, or whatever type of session you are inquiring about! Realize that what you see on a photographer’s website, blog, and social media is usually the highlights & their best work. Don’t get me wrong here — that is not to say the rest of their work will be lackluster! As a professional photographer myself, I love each and every photograph that I deliver to my clients and I’m happy to let others view a full gallery of my work.

Viewing a full gallery will also give you a visual of what their style is and how they might approach photographing your wedding day!

A little about me

My name is Brei and I’m an intimate wedding and elopement photographer in New Orleans. I love helping couples create an amazing wedding or elopement experience then being there to photograph it all. Over the years I’ve learned many things I can share with couples, and since it’s impossible with me to work with everyone (I wish!), I enjoy sharing tips and inspiration here on my blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and if you’d like more, visit my website HERE!

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