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5 Steps to Planning an Epic Engagement Photo Session

If you’re getting married then I am sure that you have considered getting an engagement photo session done!

Most of the time, when you send an inquiry to a wedding photographer, they will usually talk to you about booking an engagement session. The thought, “What do I need an engagement shoot for?” Might have crossed your mind at some point, and it is a fantastic question!

Engagement Photo Session in the New Mexico Desert

First comes the ring, then comes the engagement photo session

My work often explores life’s transitions.

As a photographer, I specialize in capturing the little moments that often go unnoticed compared to the “big” ones. When you’re engaged, you’re transitioning from a couple to life partners. That concept in and of itself, IS A BIG DEAL and deserves to be remembered.

I like to think of engagement photo sessions as a way to celebrate who you are now at this time in your lives before you say the BIG phrase, “I do.”

Man and Woman drinking beer at Elopement session

Major must-knows when brainstorming ideas for your engagement session

1: Pick a photographer who understands your vision

Let’s be honest, if a photographer can’t catch your vibe from the start, they probably aren’t going to “get it” while shooting.

If you have been following a photographer that you LOVE on Instagram for a while, this is your chance to “slide in their DM’s” or however their preferred method of inquiry is! If you have been following them for a while, then 9/10 times you already know who they are and what they have to offer you!

2: Make it true to YOU

Your engagement photo session should be so much more than just quick pictures taken just because you feel like it’s what everyone else does.


  • Hobbies
  • Relationship Story
  • Timeframe
  • Things that are Important to YOU

Make sure you mention everything to your photographer so they can help you plan.

3: Pick the location

Rather than choosing a random location for its aesthetic, I recommend choosing a place that’s memorable to you as a couple.

Whether it’s the movie theater where you had your first date or the Taco Bell parking lot where you first kissed! The location should have some significance to the two of you. That way the photos can truly represent the stage of life that you are in.

Man and Woman standing in New Mexican desert

4: Consider your vibe

I’m totally on board if you want to rock jeans and sneakers, hiking clothes, or even get dressed to the nines if that’s your thing! You’ll likely be all spruced up on your big day, so feel free to use this engagement session to wear something less formal and more “you.”


If a posed shoot just isn’t your style, plan a fun activity that we can capture together. Just bought a house? Let’s pop bottles and get you unpacked! Book a cooking class or take a hike and let me tag along. Love music festivals? I want to capture you in your element. 



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Engagement Photos Session in New Mexico
Sillouette of Man and Woman at night

I simply can’t recommend engagement photo sessions enough!

It’s the perfect opportunity for us to meet before your wedding and form a connection. Plus, this low-key session can also help get you more comfortable in front of the camera so you’re more relaxed when the wedding day comes. 

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