Moody French Quarter Vow Renewal | 10th Anniversary with T+D


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Moody French Quarter Vow Renewal | 10th Anniversary with T+D

Tashia and David celebrated their 10-year anniversary in New Orleans with a vow renewal in the French Quarter. We connected over Instagram, and they mentioned they loved the idea of a moody vibe for their photos. Of course I was all about it! I love that blue twilight hour & capturing the lights of the city as they light up one by one.

Tashia and David were already at Tableau having a few drinks and enjoying the balcony’s views when I arrived. They started smiling at each other as I prepped my camera gear, and I could tell they were feeling fun – I knew we were going to have a great session.

We left Tableau, commencing our adventure around the French Quarter. We made stops in Pirates Alley and the Rodrigue Gallery before making our way to Lafitte’s Blacksmith Bar, an iconic bar in New Orleans tying back to Jean Lafitte in the early 1800s. While we were there, Tashia and David told me that every Friday, they and two of their friends have a shot together. If they’re not all physically together, they FaceTime each other. It was Friday, so they FaceTimed from Lafitte’s, and everyone shared a shot in celebration 🙂

Next, we began making moves to find a cool spot for their vow renewal. We meandered our way toward Canal Street while they told me stories of their boys, the crazy fun madness it is to own and operate a restaurant and bar, and how the Universe conspired to put them in each other’s lives. They told me how, before their official introduction to each other, they had lived in multiple cities at the same time. They even had some 2nd and 3rd degree connections! But even so, missed each other’s presence. Can you believe that?! Then they finally met at a restaurant where they were both working in North Carolina. It was an instant connection and now they’re 10 years married.

Finally, it was time for their vows, and we found a cool old door (something they love!) as their backdrop. It was quiet and moody as they held hands and looked each other in the eyes. “I’ll go first,” said David as he smiled, his eyes locked on Tashia. It didn’t take long until both of them were tearing up, smiling from ear to ear!

I hope you enjoy this moody New Orleans vow renewal!
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