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The Top 4 Reasons Why You Need A First Look

Hey there! If you landed on this page it’s because you’re wondering why you need a first look on your wedding day.  First Looks are a new thing happening. A first look is a time during weddings when couples take time before the ceremony to see each other for the first time.

It’s a part of a wedding day that is considered untraditional by some. But, I believe that First Looks are the new tradition and will soon be more common in weddings than not. Some Brides are set on maintaining the tradition of the groom not seeing his bride. Do you know how this tradition came to be? Trust me, it’s not as romantic as you think…
There are at least a hundred reasons why I love first looks. I want to share real experience from real brides who have already been in your shoes…

#1: Privacy & Alone Time On Your Wedding Day

Chaos on your wedding day is almost inevitable and a First Look gives you a moment away from it all.   It’s the perfect time to take in all your feelings for one another and live in the moment, together, sans stage fright…
“My husband is shy and having that moment together was very special for us.  His reaction was much more excited and more “him” than it would’ve been with people watching!” says Kathryn Frazer, who is so happy with their decision to do a First Look.
“Walking down the aisle & looking at each other for the first tim is so fun but we wanted to have ours for US! It was so fun and so worth it, we get to cherish that forever. I’m so happy we did [a First Look] because we didn’t have to deal with the pressure of everyone looking at us, seeing if were crying, etc!” – Isabella

#2: Ease Your Pre-Ceremony Nerves

You’ve been too busy planning your wedding to think about what it’s going to feel like standing and speaking in front of 200-300 people? Stage fright is real, y’all… so don’t underestimate it! First Looks lift a huge pressure off of both you and your partner, take it from Becca…
“[I] Totally regretted not doing it. My poor husband was so nervous during the ceremony and you can tell from the photos. I think if we saw each other first he would have relaxed a lot more.  He’s not great at expressing his emotions so to be in front of 200 people for a very emotional moment… he was frozen.

#3: Get More Photos Of The Two Of You

This is not a reason to bat an eye at.  There’s so much going on during the wedding day. Unless you schedule real-time for Newlywed Portraits it’s not likely that you will get very many of them. It can be a bummer! Doing a first look allows so much time for gorgeous portraits in your wedding attire. It’s something you’re definitely going to want time for.
“[We] did a first look and I’m SO THANKFUL. It was the only time we spent together on our wedding day and it’s the most memorable time of the whole day.  And he still looked at me the same when I walked down the aisle.” – Ryn

#4: It’s Way Better For Your Wedding Day Timeline

Last but the most important is that First Looks are way better for your wedding day timeline.  You may be skeptical, saying, “How can it be that much better??”
Well, let me tell ya!  When you see your honey before the ceremony, that means you can also do all your family photos before as well! That means you get to your reception a lot quicker. You’re going to feel like your day goes by in a flash. Getting to spend as much time as possible with the people you love is something you want to make sure you’re able to do.
Susan shared her experience with me, saying she wish her and her husband had done a First Look:
 “We could have gotten all our photos done before the ceremony. Then, we could’ve spent all that time with our guests rather than having our guests wait for us to take pictures.  I wanted the pictures, but I very much wanted more time with our guests!”
Brandi wishes she and her now hubby had does one for logistical reasons too…
“We could’ve gotten more pictures done before the ceremony. He could’ve relaxed and we could’ve actually enjoyed (or even seen) our cocktail hour.”
And Hayley, who did a First Look, shares why she’s really glad she did…
“We did all our photos [before the ceremony] – makeup is fresh, not so sweaty. This also meant we had more time to hang out with all of our humans. I wasn’t paying all that money to leave our own party! I’m very sentimental and superstitious but had no reservations about it at all. My dude said he still had crazy feels when I walked down. Was the best thing!”
So, there you have it! The top 4 reasons you need a first look, straight from those who have been in your shoes before!

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