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How To: Wedding Dress Shopping Without The Stress Featuring Le Jour Couture

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Have you been dreaming of the perfect gown but paralyzed by the thought of wedding dress shopping? I feel you. We’ve all heard the horror stories, but guess what? It doesn’t have to be stressful!

How, you ask? Well that’s where my lovely friend Shayda comes in. She has years of bridal consulting expertise, and is the owner of Le Jour Couture, an amazing bridal shop with locations in New Orleans and Lafayette. She blows my mind with her work, so I asked her to share some professional insight – and she said yes!

Read on for the best advice for a stress free wedding dress shopping experience!

Congratulations, you’re engaged! While this is a very exciting time for you and your SO, we know that you might get a little overwhelmed with so much detailed planning that goes into an event as important as your wedding, so we put together a list of our TOP 3 most important things to remember while gown shopping! Let’s cross one potential stressor off of your list and make it’s the STRESS FREE, and one of the easiest decisions (aside from saying yes) you’ll have!

When Less is More: Who To Bring With You

Let’s be honest for a min, whether it’s been by choice or a very entertaining accident, we’ve all seen an episode (or two) of Say Yes to the Dress. Here’s the raw truth about that show: while people exaggerate their personalities for television, there are very real situations that play out the same way in bridal shops across the world. The mother living vicariously through the bride, the monster-in-law, the jealous best friend, etc. These things are more common than you think.

One sure way to avoid added stress to your appointment is to avoid a crowd that causes more confusion. Here’s what to do: ONLY bring the people you know 100% support you and who know you the most, and try to cap that number at 3. We all want our crew to come with us for the experience, because it’s fun and exciting (DUH)! But think twice before you allow any negativity or unwanted comments into your appointment. If all else fails, trust in your consultant to always tell you the truth, they’re on your side!

When More is More: Pictures, etc.

Step One: get engaged, Step Two: go to Pinterest.. or is that backward? No matter! Pinterest can be a life-saver. Sometimes it’s hard to know what you want, or how to put that into words, and that’s where pictures come in! Anything you can bring with you to your appointment is perfect!

Be it pictures from a magazine, saved posts on Pinterest, gowns you’ve tried on before, or anything in the following category: what you wanted when you were younger, what you want now, pictures of the color palette, the theme, the flowers, the bridesmaid dresses you want, ANYTHING! Consultants just want to know the feel of your big day.

Nine times out of ten, you will enter a shop with one idea, and leave in love with the opposite. The thing is, ladies, that models can look great in any gown based on the lighting, the background, etc. Thank god for photoshop, am I right? As long as you have some idea of the feel of it all, that’s all you need, and pictures of gowns can certainly go a long way in terms of a starting point, but they also add to that overall feeling. Let your consultant know who YOU are, so that they can help match you with YOUR dream gown.

Numbers to Mull Over: Numbers to keep in mind while shopping.

  • Wear Date – This is super important. Whether you’ve picked your date or not, ordering a gown takes (on average) 6 months to come in. This means it may take more or less time. Keeping that in mind, make it known to your consultant what your wear date is. If you plan on doing bridal portraits, that means that your gown needs to be in, altered, and ready to go before hand!
  • Budget – You are going to be asked about your budget, but don’t be shy, no one is judging you. As long as you know the price range of the gowns in store, you’ll be fine! Your consultant needs to know your budget so that they can make sure not to pull a gown that you’ll go GAGA for, only to get your heart broken. Plus side: you’ll be lookin’ like GAGA (and her millions) in a gown that is within your price range!
Now that we’ve warned you against the bad, and guided you towards the good, get out there and have the time of your life! Remember that this will all be over before you know it, so try to enjoy moment of the journey!


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