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 Not only is a party for you and all the people you love pretty dang awesome, being engaged and getting married is a time to dream big, connect deeper to each other, and look forward to the life you're creating together. 

Take a moment and imagine those first few months of knowing your partner.

Now go back to that time when you first felt that this could be it - when you truly felt your partner was the one. Where were you? What were you feeling? Did you get butterflies in your stomach? 

Most importantly, what was it about this person that made you fall so hard in love?

Those are the kinds of things I want to know, and they're what I want to infuse into your photographs. Sometimes we get so caught up in life that we forget the reasons we began on this journey. Life moves fast, and at times it's easy to get lost. Whether it's your first anniversary or your fiftieth, I believe the right wedding photography experience has the power to keep your memories and feelings alive by bringing you back to how it all started for generations to come.

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Wedding packages begin at $2500, Elopements begin at $750.

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"I thought I couldn't be more impressed by her work, but the way she and her second photographer moved throughout the day, capturing moments I didn't even know they were there for, made our memories all the more special. Anyone who has the chance to work with Brei will be stunned by her capabilities."

- lucie + andy

"Anyone who has the chance to work with Brei will be stunned."

"Brei was wonderful to work with. She really took time to know us beforehand and that comes through in our photographs. Her genuine, sweet and dreamy style was exactly what we were looking for. Super professional, organized, great communication, and beautiful photos. Photography was one aspect of our wedding we did not stress about because we knew we were in good hands! Thank you, Brei!"

- Blaze + John

"Super professional,
 great communication, and beautiful photos."

"There are no words for how happy I am to have found Brei – she did both our engagement and our wedding photos, and they are all GORGEOUS. She’s super sweet, she’s super talented, and she’s just all around awesome! For our engagement session [...] I was in love with pretty much every pic she took. I knew that come our wedding day, she would deliver. And she did!!! From getting ready and capturing the anticipation from both the bride and the groom, to the tender expressions during the ceremony, to the sheer elation during the second line… She exceeded all my expectations – the photos were absolutely beautiful and I can’t have imagined anyone else being there. So incredibly grateful and satisfied!!"

- Sharon + Elliott

"I can’t have imagined anyone else being there. So incredibly grateful!"

Notes from Past Clients:

love is love is love.

i am a fearless champion for love, in all of its forms, all of the time.